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It's Personal

Since this costume is going to be customized to your needs, the first and most important detail is what type of performance it will be used for. Safety and utility are top priorities. If you can provide photo or video, or at least a detailed description of your discipline, as well as any special requirements, Gena will use that to design the perfect blend of form and and functionality.

Your Theme

Next, what kind of theme do you desire? Again, photo and video examples of your performance and music are extremely helpful, as well as your own ideas and visions for your costume. Collect any pictures of thematic inspiration you want, samples of material, etc…

The Perfect Fit

Last, Gena will send you a detailed list of measurements she will need to create a costume made just for you. In person fittings and measurements are always the ideal situation. However, Gena has become a specialist in creating beautiful fitted costumes for customers around the world, who are unable to have fittings in person. The key to this is a specially designed and extensive list of measurements that allow Gena to create a “virtual you”.

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